Cultural Balance

Reading time ~ < 1 minutes

For most of us in enterprise product development, global teams are a fact of life. Even if we can get individual scrum teams co-located, the chances of an entire product suite being developed in a single location are pretty remote.

Having worked in global development environments for almost my entire career; whilst there are collaboration challenges, for the size of some projects I’ve worked on you’d have similar issues with the whole team being in a single building anyway.

Rather than worrying about the issues of working in global teams we can embrace the differences our sites provide for us in order to strike a cultural balance to our development activities.

Here’s what I’d like to make the most of for starters from my own experiences…

  1. The can-do attitude of teams in India without the lack of questioning.
  2. The attention to detail of teams in Germany without the formality.
  3. The work ethic of teams in the US without the heroics.
  4. The passion for quality of teams in the UK without the gold-plating.

Every culture has its pitfalls and benefits but don’t take my word for it – read a classic.