Short Reads From Elsewhere

Reading time ~ 2 minutes

I read a lot of articles & books on all aspects of software development and management. For years I’ve been sharing these internally with some of the company communities I’ve been involved with.

I decided it’s time to keep track of what I’ve been sharing. This is as much for me as you readers but my thinking is – if I find them interesting, you might too. None of these are mine but they’re things that inspire or interest me as they float past and add little extra snippets of knowledge and patterns for recall.

This list runs from end March 2015 and goes back to about February 2014 (as far back as I have my office mail archives)  in rough order from most recently to least recently shared. The last few on this list are a tiny handful of older and very influential articles that I’ve shared repeatedly to new staff, teams and managers. The rest are the random new things that pass through. I’m sure there’s a few missing but this is better than being hidden in a mailbox.


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