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An insight I picked up from Jeff Patton during his user story mapping workshop at Agile 2011.

  • Use music to help you facilitate your sessions

Jeff used “Kung-Fu Fighting” as backing/timing music for one of the group exercises.

When I got home I sat at my computer trawling my music collection for perfect facilitation tunes ranging from 3 to 10 minutes long.

I have loads that I’ll unleash on teams over the coming months ūüôā

There’s an important¬†trick to these though. They have to be the “right” tempo and style to match the activity and team¬†– generally upbeat and well-known enough that team members can “feel” the end of the tune coming.

In the meantime, in a change from my normal programming¬†I’ll switch to my other passion; music…

If like me¬†it’s been a really intense week and you’re on¬†a post conference come-down (see Doc List’s post on similar here), here’s my¬†recommended selection of music (in this order)¬†to recover to…

If there’s any of these you don’t own, buy them now or cue them up on your favourite online station! I’ve added links to the hardest-to-find tracks.

2011-08-14 All Agiled Out Рon Spotify

* playlist heavily influenced by available music selection on the airplane journey home

Note – If you’re not feeling so cheerful, It’s important you don’t stop part-way through.

For anyone who’s a fan of “High Fidelity”, the art of the compilation tape is the journey you’re taken on.¬† This one will only leave you happy if you make it to the end!

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