Piratical Management (Pirarticles)

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I’ve spent very little time on writing articles directly related to my nom-de-plume.

There are 3 main reasons behind this.

  1. Most* of my “Bad Captain” thinking is fuelled by negative workplace, management and team experiences and I’ve not had any for a long time.
  2. I have a backlog of 70+ more valuable articles and ideas already without adding pirate concepts into the mix.
  3. There are plenty of articles already discussing pirates and management on the web, why re-invent the wheel!

*The rest is probably fuelled by cider, rum and late-night ramblings with close friends – think “Father Jack with earrings”

So as I make final preparations for a dawn raid at the Grand America Hotel in Salt Lake City and a week at Agile 2011 I’ve been digging out some reading material…

Here’s a quick pick-through of piratical management articles (“pirarticles”) I’ve found on the web so far plus a couple of potential reads to add to my “booklog” (thanks @MarkDalgarno for that very sticky term last week).


Some short articles for when my cognitive load means I don’t have space for anything more plus one or 2 that are more formal.


I’ve not read either of these, I’d be interested in some reviews from people that have done but for now they’re going onto the booklog.


  • Pressgang – Not directly about Pirates per-se but they do belt out a few amazing seafaring related folk-rock stories.

A little history (not much)

Deadly Serious:

A reminder that whilst my moniker is a light-hearted dig at my appearance and occasional nocturnal ramblings, there’s a whole other side to “real” pirates…

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