Dark for the last few months?


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There’s some bright lights ahead…

Over the last year I’ve changed roles (twice – but still in the same company) so things have been pretty quiet on here as I cram a mountain of new information, ideas, thoughts and challenges into my brain and try to make sense of it in ways that are insightful or useful to anyone that reads these posts.

I picked up and then put down development of my text adventure after a few months – I learned more than enough to meet my stated goals when I started but re-discovered how addictive coding something you really care about can be. I got to the point where I was head-down coding 6+ hours a day on top of a full time job. This was stealing time away from learning more important and valuable (but probably less fun) things for me and not leaving me enough head space for much else. (It was also mentally exhausting doing both)

As some context, Last Spring I moved on from my Head of Project Management role here to work with our Sales Operations team for a couple of months. This was a combination of me wanting to get my head back into the commercial side of the software business and a pull from the team to have some support and a tune-up around their capacity, flow of work and goals.

I’ll write a short post on this as it was useful for both me and the team but in a nutshell it was just under 3 months of applying lean, agile & theory of constraints principles to an ops team and setting them up for future success.

Since the Summer I’ve had a new long-term challenge. It’s a far cry from leading agile teams but still uses my broader industry skills & experience.

I’m now heading up Product Design here.

So far I’m loving the move. It’s full of new challenges. I’ve picked up support for our Technical Communications, User Experience and Product Management communities, bootstrapped a major product design initiative and (as always) I’m interviewing like crazy for new recruits for all these roles.

I’m now working directly for our CTO as part of a team of 6 amazingly talented people covering our innovation, strategy, engineering and product design capabilities. We’ve a load of work to cover and our roles intersect enough that we can collaborate on some bigger things affecting the way we operate.

At the moment we’re in the middle of rebooting our communities of practice, a portfolio-wide strategic review, a push toward design-led product thinking, building a strong learning and development foundation for our product organization and significant market and innovation research.

After feeling that much of the new focus in agile (around scaling) was in contexts that no longer applied to me, it’s good to be back into researching and studying in depth around strategy, design and innovation and finally feeling these ideas all coming together. I’m thoroughly enjoying the break from running software teams directly and working hard on my influencing, sharing and leading again.

So… Time & motivation-permitting I’ll start posting a few new lessons and experiences over the coming weeks and months. They’ll still have relevance to agile and software but will be much more focused on the business end of things; product design, strategy, recruitment, organizational capabilities and innovation.

Thanks for sticking with me this far.



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