March 2011

Ahoy Me Hearties!

Having mortgaged my soul to Davey Jones’ BBC Model B long before the dot com boom & bust, the Millennium Bug, the introduction of the Euro and the demise of Altavista; 2011 is the 15th year of my commercial softwarefaring exploits and roughly the 25th year since my voyaging began in Basic with Usborne books, the “Welcome Tape” and early forays into the online ocean via Prestel.

Herewith begins my testimony of daring exploits, shores traveled, cultures & rituals observed and occasional ramblings associated with bad bread.

Before venturing further it is important to clarify that these musings represent a manifestation of my inner monologue and must not be associated with those of any of my current or past employers.

With this short introduction, I bid you good day.


Update, May 2015

I’ve been writing on here for over 4 years now. That’s 19 years I’ve been in the software business and nearly 30 since I started coding! I thought I’d consolidate a few things onto this post for the curious…

Finally, if you’re here because of the treasure map. I appreciate your curiosity! The original came from Amazon as far as I know (or possibly a party shop). I still have it sitting around somewhere in the study. One day I’ll have it framed as a keepsake.


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