Escaping the Oubliette (Part 4) – The Litter Patrol

Reading time ~ 2 minutes As promised in my last installment on oubliettes… Your team might not be fully ready for the merciless refactoring encouraged by some agile approaches but this will help you stay heading in the right direction whilst keeping the delivery vs … Continue reading

Escaping the Oubliette (Part 2) – Tailing

Reading time ~ 4 minutes Following my previous articles on topping and debt prevention, we’ll now focus on the easier parts. How to clear old defects and debt. we’ll cover 4 simple strategies; 2 for defects and 2 for debt. (there are paired similarities across these). For defects, we’ll focus … Continue reading

Escaping the Oubliette (Part 1a) – Debt Prevention

Reading time ~ 2 minutes This is a partial re-post of Escaping the Oubliette (Part 1). I’ve split the article into smaller readable components. Great, I’ve got my incoming defect strategy nailed, Now how do I prevent defects and debt in new code? In 5 … Continue reading

Escaping the Oubliette (Part 1) – Topping

Reading time ~ 2 minutes As promised, how to Escape The Oubliette… So here you are, part of a team at the bottom of the defect & debt pit. What now? The simple fact is, there’s no one answer but there are a selection of tools … Continue reading

The Oubliette

Reading time ~ 2 minutes An oubliette is a particularly unpleasant dungeon characterized by a well-like opening. During medievil times these were used “to forget” (oublier -in French) about “unwanted guests”. Imagine how you’d feel stuck at the bottom of an oubliette? It’s probably one of the … Continue reading