WIP Limits


A close-up of the WIP limits and column names. Our language shapes our reality. These changes reduced “over the wall” activity and queuing between code and test activity. Many dev tasks weren’t directly testable so we reflected this here.

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2 thoughts on “WIP Limits

    • Hi Catherine, good question.
      The ‘over’ column relates to our capacity planning. Essentially, when we break down planned stories, we compared the total of rough task estimates to our available team capacity for the iteration. Any tasks that were ‘over’ our available capacity were placed in the ‘over’ column. We found this was a better way to learn what we could or couldn’t achieve than to simply reduce the amount of things we planned to do – basically extra visible training training wheels for the team to learn and adjust their capacity planning and forecasting over time.

      Ps, thanks for asking!

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